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“Anything you do is everything you do” 

In this world of uncertainty, the only constant is change. 


It is time to reflect on not just what we allow into our bodies with food and drink, but also with what we think and feel. 


Ajna has a background with culinary, legal and yogic training  and has attained knowledge that is holistic. She looks at the whole person for healing: mind, body and soul. 


A few points on lifestyle : 


1. You are what you consume. On all levels. Are you on social media constantly ? Are you seeking external validation? The practices and coaching that is offered is meant to meet you where you are. 


2. Awareness is the first step. Change will happen. How do we wish to shift? Are we looking at ourselves in a way that can bring about what we want? 


3. Becoming the observer is the first step and the ultimate goal. 


4. Stay with yourself. You are your best friend and your biggest pain in the butt. Acceptance of all of your parts will allow you to see what you need and how to take action to meet your goals. 


5. Drink water. 


6. Breathe deeply.


7. Forgive yourself and others. 


8. Love. 

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